Ho Chi Minh City

Bep Me In

Hidden in an alley near Ben Thanh Market, Bep Me In offers traditional Vietnamese fare in a casual-but-cute setting.

Street Food Without the Street

Vietnam is famous for its vibrant street food scene. But occasionally a hungry visitor might want to sit down somewhere comfortable while enjoying all those flavors. Bep Me In is a great solution to this conundrum. It pays tribute to Vietnamese street food in a kitschy-but-chic environment.

No-Nonsense Vietnamese

The interior of Bep Me In is bright and welcoming. Turquoise shutters accent sunny yellow walls–and many of the false windows feature painted glimpses into Vietnamese life, like women sewing or birds chirping in their cages. The owners have even converted a blue tuk-tuk truck into a bar.

The meals are not only authentic, but attractively plated atop banana leaves and bamboo dishes. Popular menu items include chicken wings in basil sauce and bun cha–a Vietnamese favorite. And Bep Me In is close to several major attractions, especially Ben Thanh Market. It’s a great place for hungry shoppers to grab a bite to eat.