Dine at Bennachin, a local favorite, and intimate, restaurant offering authentic West and East African Continental Cuisine.

Not Just Another Creole Restaurant

Even though New Orleans has deep African roots, there aren’t that many truly African restaurants in the city. You’ll find Creole and Caribbean places, and many options for soul food, but tourists can’t easily sit down for a meal at a continental African establishment in NOLA. Not unless they know about Bennachin. Bennachin is a delight in the Big Easy, giving diners amazing authentic African cuisine to fill their bellies with – before or after Jazz Fest or a night in a French Quarter club.

East and West African Cuisine in the Heart of the French Quarter

Bennachin’s menu items include jama-jama, fried plantains, and what some say is the absolute best spinach dip in New Orleans. This French Quarter restaurant is a gem for those who like cozy hole-in-the-wall places that just focus on the food, and it’s a spot where a tourist can escape the bustle of the city and relax in an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. Located on Royal Street, Bennachin is a hit because of its superb food and its BYOB (bring your own bottle) policy.

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