Benevento Jazz Cafe

Grab a bite to eat or swing the night away at this popular local jazz club.

Music and Food: The Best of Both Worlds

Benevento Jazz Cafe has two different personas. During the day it’s a beloved local cafe, perfect for a cup of coffee and a quick lunch. By night, the basement transforms into an effortlessly cool jazz club for lively concerts and jam sessions.

Coffee and All That Jazz

In the daytime, Benevento is the perfect place to grab lunch with friends, or sit alone with a book and a hot drink. Their espresso drinks are especially popular. The mismatched chairs and colorful tile floor give the cafe an utterly charming quality.

During the nighttime, the basement pays tribute to the great underground jazz clubs of the world. The tables and chairs are crammed together beneath the low ceiling, tucked into tiny alcoves. There are free jam sessions on Tuesdays, and plenty of concerts on the weekends for only a small cover. Jazz enthusiasts may also want to visit Thelonious Jazz Club.

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