Belgrade Window Store

Belgrade Window Store is a convenient place to find items that will remind you of your stay in Belgrade and Serbia.

Knez Mihailova Street abounds with interesting stores and the Belgrade Window is certainly among those most appealing. Let’s say, hypothetically, you liked Belgrade and Serbia, and you would like to have a T-shirt with the motifs featuring Serbian capital or countryside landmarks; or taste a chocolate wrapped in a package featuring an Orthodox monastery. These and other interesting items and objects you can find right here, in the Belgrade Window store at the beginning of the Knez Mihailova Street.

Fashionable people can find their corner, too, with trendy bags, skirts, jackets and other garments. Bookworms might be interested in Belgrade monographs, while gourmands are sure to find something interesting in the Serbian recipes books. Sure, if you are willing to send a postcard or remind yourself of your Serbian experience while having a coffee, there is a wide range of postcards and cups to pick out your favorite from.

Souvenirs and interesting photos are also in full supply, as well as various useful sundries, such as key holders and bottle openers.

Photos from Belgrade Window Store

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