Compultitu Beach

Stunning beach with coves, crystal waters. Less sand, more stunning views.

Beach, Bosa, Sardinia

Another truly amazing beach a short drive north of Bosa, this beach is provides a superb location for fun swimming, snorkling, rock islands and the odd fish to see.

To get there is best by car, cycle or moped. Park at the pin on the map. Once parked, it is quite a long walk along one obvious walk, past some derelict buildings. The path splits so you can chose which small beach to relax in, or perhaps go for a walk around the old fort.

The beaches are stony and each beach small coves so you don’t get many people there. Around the edge of the beaches are almost like small soft caves that the sea has worn into. There is mother-nature made ready seating in some of the smooth rock.

The sea gets quite deep after about 10 metres, and then there are the odd rock island that is great fun to swim to and stand on and explore around.

The one thing this collection of beach and coves lack is sand. For that you may either enjoy St Abba Druche (commercial), St Abba Druche (free) or Bosa Marina.

Crystal clear water with lots of small rock islands to explore, this is a stunning ‘must visit’ for any Bosa Tourist.

Photos from Compultitu Beach

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