B&B San Marco

The owners of three-room B&B San Marco give each inch of the property the loving attention of their own home.

Home away from home

This teensy bed and breakfast lies in the heart of one of Venice’s few remaining residential neighborhoods. With just three rooms, B&B San Marco is clearly more interested in catering a personal experience for each guest than in turning mega profits. The owners actually live upstairs from the third-floor rental property.

Minimal facilities

Being such a cozy, family-run sort of place, B&B San Marco is a bit slim on amenities. Rooms are comfortable and nicely decorated. Two of the rooms share a bathroom, and the owners join guests for a freshly prepared breakfast each morning in the kitchen. The sparseness of typical hotel facilities is just what contributes to the B&B’s charm though.

Venice, undiscovered

Most convenient for attending the Biennale, the hotel’s location between San Marco and the Arsenale makes it a unique spot to explore Venice. Vaporetto stops are unfortunately a bit of a hike away, but if you like getting lost in the labyrinth of Venice’s alleys, this is the spot for you.

Stay at home!

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