Bath Fountain and Spa

Bath Fountain and Spa found in St. Thomas is discovered to have healing waters. It was discovered by a runaway slave in the 1600's and is still considered to have that power up to this day.

Bath Fountain has healing water which gets its heat from a volcano underground. If you are sick, you can try out bath fountain to see if it will cure you. It is said to have healed many. You can take a hot shower under the naturally heated water or you can be massaged by the local masseurs and be entertained by their stories and jokes.

The bath fountain and Spa gives visitors and tourists a splendid opportunity to relax and be served. It is found below the bath fountain and it is well secured. The rooms available are categorized as superior and moderate.

The Superior room costs $75 and the moderate room costs $65 per night. It includes a 20 minute bath from the mineral spring also. The hotel mostly offers Jacuzzi and Roman baths. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared per order with the best Jamaican cuisines. The other services offered by Bath Fountain and Spa include: Cable TV, Hot and Cold mineral water in all rooms, Massage Rooms, Beauty Salon and a Gymnasium . It is a very quiet place and you can also buy food on the outside if you like. Try the healing waters at bath and change your life anew.

Photos from Bath Fountain and Spa

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