Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

A historic Catholic basilica atop a traditionally sacred Lyon hill, featuring magnificent architecture and a museum’s worth of gilded liturgical rarities

Make the Pilgrimage to a Holy Site

Lyon’s Fourvière Hill has had great religious significance for centuries. From the martyrdom of Saint Pothin to the present day, people have considered the location to be sacred. In the late 1800’s, Lyon’s Roman Catholic community constructed a large and elaborate basilica atop the hill. Now more than two million people visit per year, drawn by the magnificent church itself, as well as the stunning view of the city and Mont Blanc in the distance.

The Grandeur of a Basilica and its Artifacts

Like many historical Catholic places of worship, Notre-Dame de Fourvière features brilliant architectural and decorative design. Gorgeous tile floors and stained glass windows compliment its immaculate white exterior. Classic works of religious art adorn the walls inside.

The basilica has a crypt dedicated to St. Joseph, which sometimes hosts concerts and other cultural events. The treasury contains a wealth of liturgical rarities including gemstone-encrusted crowns and the embroidered vestments worn by priests in ages past. Notre-Dame de Fourvière is an extraordinary place for a pilgrimage.

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