San Francisco, USA


Barcha gives a burst of Mediterranean flavor that includes Spanish, Tunisian, and Moroccan spices. Located in the financial district, it caters to locals and visitors alike.

The Spice of the Mediterranean

With cultural influences from Northern Africa and Spain and a dash of France, Barcha offers an amazing blend of flavors. The bistro fare takes classic labneh, lamb, tahini and more and spikes it with unique seasonings and flavor combinations. Mezze–traditional small plates–steals the show and includes blistered peppers, marinated olives, duck meatballs.

Mains and More

The entrees offer something for everyone–fish, meat, veggie–and create a great integration of California fresh and rich Mediterranean flavor. The salads stand on their own as well–rich with dressing, crunch, and smooth textures that work together. Even the desserts are different and special with pistachios, kumqats, and meyer lemon flavors waking up standard fare like pudding and cake. Indoor and outdoor add to the ambience–and there’s a take-out window if you’re on the go.