Tuscany, Italy

Bar dell’Orso

This humble roadside bar may seem uninspiring from the outside, but if you're on a road trip from Florence to Siena it makes for an excellent strategic stop.

Eat like the locals

Bar dell’Orso is perhaps one of the most authentic local food experiences you can have in Tuscany. This is where the people who live nearby come to eat, and that’s reflected in the bar’s long opening hours (5am to midnight) and the roaring trade it does throughout the day. Though you may have trouble finding a seat on weekends, weekdays are quieter and bring with them a relaxed, cozy atmosphere and a menu full of tasty delights.

Affordable cuisine

The bar boasts both a good hot menu and a cold snacks menu–though ‘snack’ is, in this case, a bit of a misnomer. Portions are as generous as they are delicious, and wine is inexpensive here, too. For road trips, this is the perfect place to stop off, enjoy a fantastic cold lunch of meats, cheeses and other classic antipasto and a glass of wine, and head on your way refreshed and rejuvenated.

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