Ho Chi Minh City

Banh Mi 37

This is one of the most popular banh mi stands in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its special recipe.

A Tiny Culinary Hotspot

Tucked inside a nondescript alley on Nguyen Trai, Banh Mi 37 would normally be difficult to locate. However, the long line of tourists waiting for a sandwich usually makes it much easier to spot. Getting in line is worth it–this small street vendor is known for its special banh mi recipe.

Sweet Sliders

Though all banh mi stands serve slightly different versions of the dish, Banh Mi 37 takes it in a wholly unique direction. Most of the sandwiches feature mayonnaise, pate, fatty cuts of meat, and piles of herbs and vegetables. But Banh Mi 37 serves their sandwiches with grilled pork sliders drenched in a sweet sauce.

Banh Mi 37 is a cash-only joint, so be sure to have something other than credit cards on hand. The sandwiches cost 20,000 dong each–and they’re a little small, so hungry visitors may want more than one.