Banh Mi 25

Though it only opened in 2015, Banh Mi 25 has quickly become one of Hanoi’s street food stars.

Street Sandwiches

When it comes to banh mi, visitors to Hanoi may be paralyzed by choice. The popular Vietnamese dish is even more popular in the country’s capital, and there are hundreds of stalls and cafes serving it around the city. But Banh Mi 25–a newer addition to the city’s sandwich community–is giving its competitors a run for their money. And they’re doing it all from a tiny red stand in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

It’s All About the Bread

There’s no one way to make banh mi, but Banh Mi 25 offers several options. Two of the most popular are the Banh Mi Xa Xiu, which contains pate, barbecued pork, and vegetables, and the more elaborate Banh Mi Day Du, which contains all of those ingredients plus sliced ham and sausage. The street food celebrity is especially known for its baguettes, baked with a family recipe.

Visitors can try any one of these sandwiches for no more than 25,000 dong. Thanks to the stand’s central location in the Old Quarter, many other delicious spots are nearby. Bun Cha Ta and Always Cafe are both within walking distance.