Bangkokian Museum

Situated close to the Oriental Hotel and the River City, The Bangkokian Museum consists of two main wooden houses from the mid-20th century and looks back on the Thai life from that period. There is also a third building located at the end of the block, which was built in 1929 and was occupied by a British doctor.

About the Museum

Upon arrival, visitors will be greeted by friendly hosts at the reception desk. The tour begins with a visit to the largest house in the complex that features wooden walls that are painted in green colour. The ground floor includes a library and several dining rooms, while bedrooms with small en-suite bathrooms are located upstairs. Guests will also have a chance to see antique artefacts such as standing clocks, valve radios, cabinets, and Bakelite switches.

 Entrance Fee & How to Get There

The good news is that the entrance to this Thai museum is free of charge and hosts speak good English. N2 and N3 Chao Phraya Express stops are both just minutes away from the Bangkokian Museum, while Charoen Krung and Mahesak Surasak Rds are located within walking distance.