London, England


Baltic is one of those culinary destinations that tend to surprise you with their menu, ambience and amazing flavors. The restaurant serves eclectic Eastern European cuisine with a slight affinity towards Polish delights.

Restaurant in a warehouse  

If you ever come to Baltic for the bar, don’t stop there. Walk all the way in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a large, light-filled room roofed with wide skylights that gently filter in sunshine. The clutter-free pristine white walls accentuate the aura and make every meal here, a delightful affair.

Food fiesta

The food, naturally, is spectacular and their menu is sensitive to diners’ needs. You are pampered with choices thanks to their pre-theater menu, set lunch, weekend sets and a dynamic a-la-carte list. Their main courses include stunners like the Paprykarz (chargrilled chicken), Kulebiak (Salmon in pastry) and a delicious spiced lamb stew called Kharcho.

Their superb bar food is an assortment of platters, appetizers, salads and light meals that include their famed blinis and dumplings.

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