San Francisco, USA

Babu Ji

The latest incarnation by chef Jessi Singh and his wife Jennifer, Babu Ji has generated raves in Melbourne and New York. San Francisco gets its own outpost for some of the best Indian cuisine in the city.

It’s safe to say at this point that the Singhs have gained an international reputation for their food.

Local Produce, Global Appeal

Babu Ji brings Indian street food and authentic dishes a high-style treatment. Curry, curry, curry–you will find multiple takes on the humble dish. Tandoori takes pride of place, too–the Unauthentic Butter Chicken creating a lot of buzz. If you can’t decide what to have or are new  to Indian food, the multiple-course tasting menu is the way to go–it even has separate beer and wine tasting options.

The Hip, The Style

Babu Ji is not afraid to bring in the bright color of Southeast Asia–malachite green tiles, bright turquoise accents and a flashy copper bar. Yes, that’s a peacock up there. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet lively and to add a little down-market vibe, the beer fridge is self-serve in the dining room.