Avala Hotel and Restaurant, Belgrade

Besides delicious cuisine and good service, you can enjoy a pleasant natural environment while you are visiting this restaurant and hotel.

Almost atop the Avala Mountain, a popular Belgrade natural resort, a homonymous hotel with a national cuisine restaurant had nested. As you leave your car in the Avala parking area, you’ll be instantly welcomed by two gracious sphinxes, in front of the hotel. If you look closely, you’ll notice that aside of these Egyptian symbols there are also Greek ones that adorn the hotel.

The hotel disposes of 15 rooms and apartments, but to enjoy exquisite specialties of its restaurants you don’t have to book any of them. The restaurant features two dining halls, both elegant and cozy, and an outdoor garden when weather permits.

The staff is very forthcoming, honoring any additional request that might arise, if possible. So, if you are accustomed to a different practice that differs from the local (milk with a tea, for example), feel free to ask. As for the meal, you can make a choice among the various dishes primarily based on the fish and pork meat.

Photos from Avala Hotel and Restaurant, Belgrade