Aux Trois Cochons

A traditional Lyonnaise bouchon that emphasizes dishes made with cochons--known to English speakers as pigs.

Dine as the Lyonnaise Do

The bouchon is a popular type of restaurant in Lyon. These eateries serve local recipes, their dishes typically meat-based. Bouchons are casual restaurants, full of camaraderie, where the owners often have a close relationship with their customers. Aux Trois Cochons is a typical Lyonnaise bouchon–with a twist as tightly curled as a pig’s tail.

Oink Oink

“Cochon” is the French word for pig, and the restaurant’s name could not be more appropriate. At Aux Trois Cochons, the chef serves meals featuring every single part of the pig. Guests can try crispy pig’s ears in a salad, or even pig’s blood in the black pudding.

What’s more, the restaurant’s decor also focuses on the pink farm animal. Cute images of pigs trot onto the menus, onto the walls, and into the bathrooms. With its red checkered tablecloths and homey dark walls, Aux Trois Cochons provides a friendly environment for pork lovers.

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