Aux Portes de l’Orient

For afternoon sweets cravings or a hearty and sunny meal in a North African oasis in the Latin quarter.

Three of the major landmarks on this side of the 5th arrondissement are the Jardin des Plantes, Rue Monge, and the Grande Mosquée, constructed in the 1920’s and is still one of the biggest in Europe.

Afternoon Delight

Once inside, you are magically transported to North Africa. The cafe is a hidden Moroccan-style patio just across the street from the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, decorated with colorful tiles, shallow pools, and a central garden. Drink a mint tea (2,50€), poured from up high, with oriental pastries (7€ a plate of 3) in the delightful courtyard gardens of the Grande Mosquée.


Indoors, comfy benches and armchairs swallow the patrons. The restaurant serves Moroccan specialties such as tagines (between 15€ and 18€) or couscous (between 11€ and 26€). The smell of those delicacies, but also the price, makes it difficult to resist tasting one of the many treats offered.

Other info.
Visit the Mosque (entry: 3€). The prayer hall is only accessible to Muslims.
Treat yourself in the hammam. Women only: 10:00-21:00 (except Tuesdays).