Attila József Memorial Room

For the literary minded, the Attila József Memorial Room celebrates the life and work of one Hungary's most important poets. Created in conjunction with

A Hungarian Icon

Born in 1905, Attila József grew to become one of Hungary’s most famous poets. From an early age, he published his work, drawing attention and admiration. Although having lived a short life–he died at age 32 either accidentally or by suicide–he had a profound impact on the literary world. Today, he is widely read, translated into several languages, and his work is taught in universities around the world.

A Fitting Tribute

The Attila József Memorial Room is housed in the building where József was born. Due to poverty and a troubled life, József lived in several places throughout the Ferencváros district of Budapest. Once one of the poorest areas of the city, it has become more favored in recent years with a vibrant urban scene that has attracted a younger crowd with its affordable prices.

The Memorial Room is a museum featuring extensive artifacts from József ‘s life, interesting discussions of his work, and interact displays to learn more about the poet and his work.