Atlantis Submarines

This is a unique and exciting way to get a glimpse of marine life in the Caribbean sea.

Entertainment For Everyone

The Atlantis Submarine tour is a great way to explore marine life in Barbados. They offer submarine excursions that last an hour, and go down to about 150 feet. It is a unique activity which is fun for everyone, and has become one of the top things to do in Barbados.

Magical Underwater Views

They have both day and night tours, and take visitors to an old shipwreck as well providing magnificent views of underwater reefs. You can see many types of fish, coral and sea turtles, and go so deep the submarine almost touches the bottom of the sea.

A Caribbean Welcome

The guides on board offer a witty and informative commentary, and help make this a fun and interesting day out. Visitors are picked up by boat and taken to the submarine out at sea. A refreshing rum punch is offered on the way back to the harbour, and they also have VIP packages and priority seating available.