Asakusa is a cultural destination that boasts several temples, religious events and often wears a festive look several days in a year, thanks to its numerous temple festivals.

Temples galore

Asakusa is a destination for the faithful and for those visitors who are keen on an introduction to Japanese culture. Admittedly, this part of the city has lost its sheen and doesn’t quite sparkle like the rest of Tokyo. Yet, its temples draw visitors in large numbers throughout the year, particularly, the Senso-ji, which is the largest and oldest temple here.

Around Asakusa

The Hanayashiki Amusement Park behind the Senso-ji Temple is also Asakusa’s claim to fame as the oldest theme park in Japan. The Makamise-dori Street that leads from the main gate to the temple is packed with tiny shops and stalls that sell traditional Japanese handicrafts that make attractive souvenirs.

Asakusa is usually popular in summers when the famed Sumida-gawa Fireworks Festival takes place along the banks of the river that runs through the city.