Oxford, England

Christ Church, Oxford

If you have only a day at Oxford, then Christ Church is the place to experience all the beauty and grandeur of this historic city. This magnificent complex comprises the premier Christ Church College, the majestic Christ Church Cathedral and a stunning collection of paintings at the Picture Gallery. It also includes the fabulously scenic Christ Church Meadows and the Great Quadrangle.

From priory to premier college

The foundations of the college were laid in 1525 under the aegis of Cardinal Thomas Wolsley. In 1546, it was taken over by King Henry VII and christened as Christ Church College. The College has always been highly valued as an educational institution and continues to be so. This college has the unique distinction of having produced 13 British prime-ministers and many leaders from around the globe!

Architectural grandeur

Every wall and spire of Christ Church speaks of grandeur. From the imposing, arched Tom Gate that welcomes all who enter the hallowed grounds of Christ Church to the Meadow Building, it seems that the founding fathers spared no effort in building monuments that would stand the test of time. The impressive Tom Tower on the gate was designed by Christopher Wren.

A visit to Christ Church is a memorable treat for all ages and is sure to leave you awed for a long time to come.


Handy tip                                                      

  • Please note that some areas of Christ Church might be closed to visitors when in use. Please refer to their website for closure notices.