Argentina Beach

Rocky beach with blue waters just north of Bosa.

Argentina Beach, Bosa, Sardinia

Set a few miles north of Bosa on the road to Alghero, this rocky beach is a great place to spend time. The water is crystal blue and the waves generally mild. There is little if any sand, but instead lots of rock pools for exploring and initially shallow waters to swim.

If you take snorkels, the visibility is usually good and you can often see the odd fish.

Access is from the road (see point on map) on some rugged off-road parking. There are some locked gates but a pathway to the right of the gates. Follow the windy path down the hill and you can’t miss the various different places to park yourself.

The earlier you get there the more shade you can take advantage of. After midday you may want to change spot to get more shade, but this place is seldom busy, even at weekends.

Photos from Argentina Beach

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