Tuscany, Italy


A city with ancient origins that was once an Etruscan trading post, Arezzo may not be as popular as other places in Tuscany, but it still offers plenty of sightseeing spots including churches, museums, and other monuments.

History of Arezzo

Although the medieval center of Arezzo was heavily damaged in the World War 2, the city features plenty of sightseeing spots including the Basilica of San Francesco and the amazing Cappella Bacci. Did you know that some of the scenes from Roberto Benigni’s La vita è Bella were shot right here in the center of Arezzo?

Festivals and Other Attractions

Arezzo is home to the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art and Joust of the Saracens, a festival when all of the locals dress up in medieval costumes. Head out to the Church of Santa Maria della Pieve and visit the antiques fair that is held on the first weekend of each month.

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