Archaeological Museum

The Bagan Archaeological Museum opened in 1904 and has been showcasing some of the regions most exceptional archaeological finds ever since. The museum sits in the north of Bagan, in the old town and is open six days a week which means there’s plenty of time to take a break from your temple hunting!

Museum History

The museum was built by U Sein Kho (a stone tablets specialist) and his vast collection of ancient stone tablets were one of the first exhibits to go on display in the museum. Today the museum is government run and sits inside a vast complex of temples and features an array of relics, artefacts and memorabilia collected across Bagan over the decades.


Inside the museum, you’ll find an array of exhibits depicting Bagan’s (and broader Myanmar’s) culture, customs and heritage. There’s a modern-art room featuring works by local artists, a handful of reclining Buddha statues and inscribed stones featuring original images. Don’t forget to explore the miniature model temples and villages along with the exhibit on traditional women’s hair knots.

Stay at home!

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