Oxford, England


Arcadia is a quaint, friendly bookshop that is well-known for its collection of second-hand and rare books in Oxford.

Passion for Books

Arcadia was founded in 1940s by the Clutterbuck Brothers and it was known as the first paperback-only bookshop in Oxford. In 1975, it was taken over by Andrea and Michael Keirs who brought their passion for books to the store and its merchandise. Even though the store went through hard times with the rise of electronic books, they kept the store alive for readers and antiquarians alike.

Magical Place

For readers, Arcadia is a magical place with classical music in the background and unusual decorations that add to the allure of the store. It is a perfect place for antiquarians, as they sell rare books and house a massive collection of vintage Penguin paperbacks at reasonable prices. They also offer a selection of photography posters, cards, prints, water colours, calendars, pretty stationary, classic items and comics.

Arcadia is a shop that’s worth a visit especially if you’re on the lookout for unusual souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

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