Arabian Wildlife Park

The enigmatic Sir Bani Yas Island is home to one of Middle East’s largest wildlife parks, the Arabian Wildlife Park which boasts over 13000 animals most of which roam freely.

Conserving indigenous species

The Arabian Wildlife Park was established in 1971 by the then President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and is spread across 1400 hectares, spanning nearly half the island.. The park serves as a nature reserve and animal sanctuary for many indigenous species like the Sand Gazelles and the endangered Arabian Oryx. Other interesting animals include cheetahs, Arabian Rock Hyraxes, Striped Hyenas, ostriches and giraffes.

Activities at the Park

The Park offers you a wide range of options to enjoy the rugged beauty of the terrain as well as the native flora and fauna. You can opt for the Wildlife Drive, a guided tour on a 4×4 that covers large swathes of the land in one trip or else ride away on your own journey of discovery on a mountain bike. You can also hike through the savannahs or explore the mangroves on a kayak. You get to choose your adventure and that makes the Arabian Wildlife Park a special place.

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