Aquí Está Coco

A family restaurant that celebrates the greatness of Chile.

A new restaurant rising from the ashes of the old

Chef Jorge “Coco” Pacheco opened his original restaurant to great success in 1973, only to have it burn to the ground in 2008. With the help of his tight-knit family, who are all passionate about Chilean cuisine, he built a brand new restaurant in 2010. Thanks to its use of recycled construction materials, Aquí Está Coco became the first sustainable restaurant in Chile.

Chilean Heritage in Food and Design

Chile’s oceanside location means that many of the country’s restaurants pride themselves on fresh seafood–Aquí Está Coco is no exception. One of the most popular menu items is the Chilean-Style King Crab Pie. But family recipes also plays a role in Pacheco’s cooking. For instance, diners can sample “my sweet grandmother’s cake” for dessert.

Aquí Está Coco features a wide variety of decor. Some rooms are dark and sumptuous, with alcoves mimicking aspects of the natural world. Other rooms have a more modern touch–there’s even a bar shaped like a fishing boat. Aquí Está Coco is a great choice for visitors looking to dive into authentic Chilean dishes.

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