Aquasol theme Park and Beach

Planning for a trip to Jamaica this summer? Ensure that you visit the loved Aquasol theme park and beach to get the fun that lasts for a lifetime.

Aquasol theme park and beach is located in Gloucester Avenue about two minutes from downtown in Montego Bay. It is a place where there is non- stop fun. There are a lot of fun games and activities to do at one place. It is a good place to have a day out with your family at a reasonable cost.

Aquasol offers a day of Go-Kart Racing, Tennis playing and Parties. Also they provide water sports for water lovers like: Jet Skiing, Banana Boat sailing, kayaking, boat-pedaling and snorkeling. If you want to scuba dive but don’t know how to, they give lessons on how to be the best scuba diver. It’s just a whole day packed of fun.

Nature at its best makes the beach so welcoming, that it provides a nice oasis of warm shallow water along with coconut trees, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. After a day of fun, food is available at the shop and restaurant in the facility. The cost for entering is free. It is a free Beach so bring along family and friends and share the wonderful experience.