Kuala Lumpur


Experience the wonders of all marine life at Aquaria Kuala Lumpur

If you love discovering more about marine life you will adore the Aquaria KLCC. They are the only aquarium in Malaysia which has permission to exhibit the unique red bellied piranha which can be viewed in the safety of the piranha tank.

What else is there to see?

Level one offers visitors the chance to see the piranhas in action and the electric zone. Continue your walk through and you will reach river bank jungle where furry and incredibly cute Asian small clawed otters will be waiting for you. Finally, on this level there is the shipwreck, where you can learn and discover more about coral reefs and the intriguing tales of the ocean.

What are the highlights?

Depending on the species you are most interested in, the main highlights are the Sharks Den, Reef fish resort, giant pacific octopus and the 10ft long huge Arapaima. If you wish to experience diving with sharks, then you can indulge in some “Cage Rage”. Visitors are lowered into a custom made underwater cage so they can get up close and personal with Jaws! If you are dive certified, you have a further option to dive with 5 different species of shark in the oceanarium tank. For children aged 6-13 years of age, you can sleep with sharks (not literally) and witness the nocturnal activities from inside the Aquaria; it includes educational tours, activities and a feeding session show.