Toronto, Canada


Antler brings game to the heart of the city with it's focus on Canadian classics updated for a more sophisticated menu. Even the cocktails have a local ingredient spin.

Antler is the brainchild of chef Michael Hunter and Jody Shapiro. a local favorite that brings the Canadian back country into the city.

Game’s Got Game

Hunter’s menu is a game-lover’s dream come true. Venison, rabbit, wild boar–it’s all here in its meat-intense glory. Throw in wild-caught fish, a Cornish Hen, and duck and nothing is left out. Every dish rises to the best of its flavor with locally sourced ingredients of whatever is in season with many items foraged by the staff itself.

And A Little Drink, Too

Not to be left behind, the bar offers up inventive cocktails with equally unique flavor profiles. Syrups and infusions add to the party with hints of maple or ginger, cedar and berries.

The atmosphere is city-meets-lodge with rustic touches like ferns and deer skulls against a backdrop of exposed brick and a stone bar.