Antiche Carampane

An unassuming exterior belies the quality ingredients of San Polo seafood restaurant, Antiche Carampane.

Market-fresh ingredients

A full team in the kitchen ensures this San Polo restaurant’s seafood-heavy menu uses only the freshest market ingredients. The selection might include crudi – a sort of Venetian sushi made with raw, marinated seafood – fritto misto – mixed fried seafood – or any number of lesser known, complex Venetian fish dishes.


Antiche Carampane’s modest appearance may not attract tourists passing by, but thanks to its quality cuisine, the restaurant has hosted its fair share of celebrity diners. Audrey Tatou, Bill Murray, Yoko Ono, Natalie Portman, Timothy Dalton, and much more of the glitterati have all pulled up a chair here.

Painstakingly prepared dolci

Among the menu’s many highlights are the handmade biscuits on the dessert menu, alongside a selection of sorbets, meringues, and mousses, many featuring fresh fruits. If none of the above stand out, Antiche Carampane’s pastry chef prepares a daily dessert special, and a trio of desserts.