Anne Frank House

A powerful museum that honors one of World War II's most unforgettable figures.

One Girl’s Powerful Story

During World War II, a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank lived in hiding with her family in Amsterdam. Her diary is now one of the most famous books in the world, and visitors to the Dutch capital can tour the very rooms where she hid. At the Anne Frank House, people can learn more about her life and honor her perseverance.

History Brought to Life

The museum has preserved the secret annex that house the Franks as much as possible, even displaying some of the items owned by those who hid there. Historical photographs and other documents fill in the blanks. And of course, visitors can view Anne’s original diary.

There are other exhibitions in the museum that educate visitors about the Holocaust and global discrimination. A new temporary exhibition opens every few months. The Anne Frank House offers a powerful, personal perspective on a shared history.