Andromeda Botanic Gardens

This impressive botanical garden, located on the rugged East coast of Barbados, is a lovely place to explore an amazing collection of tropical plants, trees and palms.

Bajan Heritage

Iris Bannochie, who one of the most influential horticulturalists from the West Indies, founded this stunning botanical garden. She created and tended to these gardens which remained in her family for over 22 years, and she also collected samples for Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom.

6 Acres Of Tropical Gardens

Located on the East coast of the island on Bathsheba hill, it gets its name from the Greek goddess Andromeda, as the gardens are attached to coral stone rock. The Andromeda Gardens have become an important part of Barbadian heritage, and travellers from all over the world come to visit its natural beauty.

Beautiful Variety

This unique and historic setting has over 500 species of tropical plants, trees and palms. There are two different walks to choose from, one shorter and one longer, and there is well written guidance throughout. The Round House restaurant is nearby, which is the perfect place to stop for lunch or to enjoy the views of Bathsheba Beach.