Ananda Pahto

The Ananda Pahto is one of Bagan's most significant and best-preserved temples and is said to embody the wisdom of Buddha. Built in 1090 by Kyansittha the temple has survived numerous earthquakes, heavy rainfall and the test of time. Not only is it a must visit temple, but it’s also the site of the towns annual festival!

Annual Festival

Every year in January, the town holds a month-long festival in honour of the temple. The festival draws hundreds of pilgrims (and monks) to the town and the busiest day falls on the night of the full moon in the lunar month. If you’re struggling to pick which time of year to visit Bagan, we highly recommend January!

What to Expect

The festival is a large scale ritual of Buddhism and offers an exciting and fascinating insight into the religion. Expect to see vendors lining the temple selling traditional Burmese cuisine to the pilgrims and the town to be abuzz with an electric atmosphere as the festival is also considered to be a mass social gathering.

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