A lush park in the south of Amsterdam, full of attractions for the whole family.

A Day at the Park

Originally built for a 1970’s gardening exhibition, this gigantic park on Amsterdam’s south side is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Visitors can find plant life from all over the world, including a Japanese Garden and over 100 species of colorful rhododendrons. The trees provide plenty of shade, and the grassy areas along the Amstel River are ideal for picnicking.

Plants and Animals

Amstelpark has almost as many animals as it does plants. Along with the regular birds and squirrels, you’ll find everything from kangaroos to an entire petting zoo. Kids will also love taking a ride on the train that rings the park from April to October.

Amstelpark holds dozens more attractions, from miniature golf to a windmill sketched by Rembrandt himself. Whether you want to walk or ride a bike, Amstelpark is a great place to trade in the city for the peaceful countryside.