Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music offers something for every music lover, from oldies to the newest musical sensations.

The largest record store in the world, Amoeba Music offers a mind-boggling array of used and new music in the form of CDs, vinyl, and even cassette tapes. Amoeba Music sits in the heart of Hollywood, and it’s been in that same location since 1990. With other Amoeba shops in Berkeley and San Francisco, Amoeba Hollywood proudly holds a reputation for providing music lovers of all kinds with exactly what they need to complete their collections.

An Encyclopedic Music and DVD-Buying Experience

Shop at Amoeba Music for rock, pop, rap, electronic, country, jazz, metal, and more. Dig through bins of vintage music and new releases, and load up on singles, rare imports, and top-albums from classical musicians, hip-hop artists, world music players, and pretty much any type of artist you can think of. Amoeba Music also has the largest, and most diverse, collection of DVDs on the planet. Find vintage posters and lunch boxes at Amoeba, along with coveted box record sets and record players.

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