London, England

Amico Bio

Enjoy an intimate meal at Amico Bio and savor the flavors of Italy.

A Diverse Menu with Something for Everyone

Amico Bio is an intimate restaurant that offers a rustic dining area and a charming atmosphere. It’s one of London’s most innovative and bold eateries, providing diners with fresh Italian cuisine made with organic ingredients. Much of Amico Bio’s ingredients actually come from owner Pasquale Amico’s farm in Capua, Italy. Pasquale has created a menu that offers something for every guest.

Seasonally Sourced Ingredients and Organic Goodies

Sit down for a meal at Amico Bio and enjoy dishes prepared with seasonal products in the true spirit of Italian cooking. Entrees are authentic and amazing, and brunch at Amico Bio is sensational. For Sunday brunch, it’s splendid to have a range of choices – including Yorkshire puddings. In addition to offering sit-down meals, Amico Bio produces an assortment of organic goodies to take away including  fantastic sweet treats that are available in the restaurant’s mini market. Amico Bio has provided Londoners and tourists with sensational fare since 2010.

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