Alligator Pond

The Alligator Pond is one place you definitely should put on your bucket list. It is a very famous tourist destination and you'll never guess why.

Alligator pond is a beach that is famous for its delicious seafood. Although the food is cooked by local chefs, it is the best. It is a nice beach to bring the family to enjoy Jamaica and its people. It is a beach where you can swim, play football and even have your own little family cook out. It has a restaurant called “little ochi” that is very popular because they sell mouth-watering food.

On the shore, fishes are sold by the women while the men bring in the fresh catch. The beach environment is magnificent with the luscious vegetation and thatched roofed restaurants. They don’t offer only seafood, but they sell curried goat and other Jamaican dishes. It is free to enter so bring along your family. If you don’t have any, you will feel at home.

Close by, there is a little river where you can bring your family to swim and enjoy yourselves. Food is also available there by the famous Bongo Whistles. If you don’t want to eat, there are bars where you can get drinks or cocktails. It is a nice place to go on a date so put it on your list. Come and experience Alligator Pond.