Aleksandar Club Restaurant

Aleksandar Club, with its ski-run and open-air garden, is an excellent choice for relaxing and sport activities.

Aleksandar Club Restaurant, commonly known as a Ski-run among the Belgraders, is an open air restaurant with a ski-run. It is an excellent place to enjoy some leisure time, regardless the season. Located off-the-beaten-tourist paths in Belgrade, the Ski-run can be found in Kosutnjak, popular Belgrade resort area.

You can stop by either for a meal or a drink, but what separates the Ski-run from other Belgrade restaurants is its panoramic view over New Belgrade, Sava River and Senjak. Neighboring pine and deciduous trees provide cover from the summer heat, while in winter you can enjoy two ski-runs or crackling fire in front of the fireplace. Children have their playground, too, consisting of sea-saws and a wooden castle.

Two things are certain when you come to Aleksandar Club. It is always crowded, but since it has the largest garden in Belgrade, it is highly unlikely that you won’t find a place for yourselves.

Photos from Aleksandar Club Restaurant

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