Albert Cuypmarkt

A historic street market with delicious food and endless shopping.

A Historic Market

Situated in the old neighborhood of De Pijp, Albert Cuypmarkt has provided Amsterdamers with the essentials since 1905. You can pick up just about anything at this busy street market, from fabric to bicycles to toothpaste. It’s also the perfect spot to buy souvenirs–there are thousands of t-shirts, postcards, and keychains celebrating every aspect of the Netherlands.

Stay for a Meal

Albert Cuypmarkt is a great place to grab lunch. Locals still come here to purchase fresh fish, vegetables, and bread, but tourists can also find a wealth of Amsterdam’s culinary quirks among the market’s stalls. Try a herring sandwich, perhaps, or fries with curry ketchup. And don’t miss the stroopwafel–these caramel cookies are to die for.

The area around Albert Cuypmarkt is brimming with international boutiques and cafes, so it’s easy to spend a good part of your day here. The market is free, but you ought to have some cash on hand. It’s virtually impossible to get through the whole market without buying anything.

Image credits: Michiel1972 from nl.

Photos from Albert Cuypmarkt