The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Sometimes strange, sometimes wacky, but always a good time, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on 6th Street is a movie quirky yet pleasant movie going experience.

Film and Food

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is an independently owned and operated movie theater at the Ritz in the 6th Street entertainment district. Known for its exuberant movie nights featuring top film releases, grindhouse features, camp classics, silent films, and retrospectives, it has developed a dedicated following of movie fans.The theater is infamous for its strictly enforced policy of no cell phones and no talking during the film. You get one warning, or you’re out!

A unique feature of the Alamo Drafthouse is that it is a restaurant as well as a theater. Patrons enjoy a menu of fun food offerings—often inspired by the movies playing—as well as a full bar serving cocktails and craft beer. You order and are served right at your theater seat throughout the movie.

The Concept

The Alamo Drafthouse strives to bring the “experience” to the movie experience. Patrons come in costume, live music accompanies films, and even a little dancing might break out. It spreads its fun message through Baby Days, when children of all ages are welcome—including infants, Quote-Along Nights that encourage audience participation with props and subtitles, and Dance Parties that feature film and video of singers old and new.

In addition to the fun, the Alamo Drafthouse supports the local community by sourcing their food locally and offering discounted venue rentals to nonprofits and community groups for meetings, fundraisers, and event space.

Stay at home!

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