Al Sogno

Hiding in the corner of the Piazza Navona is Al Sogno, a shop unlike any other in Rome.

The Stuff of Dreams

Al Sogno—meaning “in a dream”—offers all kinds of strange and whimsical objects. The shop is a must-see for lovers of fantasy or anyone looking for something different from the usual attractions around Rome. Even without buying anything, visiting the shop is an experience. It is full of figurines of fairies and wizards, stuffed animals (real and imaginary), chessboards, swords, maps and globes, and other artifacts that capture the imagination.

A Land of Legends

Rome and its ruins give travelers a taste of the ancient city when its folk tradition was still growing. So it fits that a shop so entrenched in the world of fairy tales and folklore would exist in the heart of Rome: the capital of a country famous for romantic legends and myths of gods and heroes. While Al Sogno has objects that reflect the stories of cultures from all over the world, not just those of Italy, it embraces the particular whimsy evoked by the history of Rome and all of Italy.

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