Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

If you’re in Abu Dhabi and looking to enjoy authentic Emirati cuisine, then Al Fanar is where you ought to be. This is an exclusive destination that serves up time-honored culinary traditions in memorable settings.

Preserving Emirati culinary traditions

A brainchild of Hashem Al Marzouki, Al Fanar at Abu Dhabi is his second venture while his first and highly acclaimed outlet is in Dubai. You can choose to dine in barasti outdoor booths or within mud-brick rooms, all of which communicate a friendly neighborhood feel.

Flavors from the past

Their All-Day Breakfast features a range of freshly-made crepes and breads like Mohalla, Chebab, Khoboz  Khameer and Khoboz Reqaq. Their main courses include fish, poultry and the meats as well as some combined with long-grained rice to create delectable delights like Machboos Samak, all manner of Beryani and Jesheed.

Al Fanar has won the hearts of locals with their warm homage to a bygone era. The restaurant is becoming increasingly popular with visitors too who come here not just to savor the original menu but also to experience a slice of life from times past.