Al Ain Zoo

The Al Ain Zoo has been one of the top tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi for several decades now thanks to its exciting attractions designed to engage all ages.

Wildlife and conservation

The Al Ain Zoo is spread over a sprawling 900 hectares and is home to over 4000 animals that also include several endangered species. While it is primarily an attraction and learning centre for visitors, the Zoo is also heavily invested in conservation efforts to preserve the indigenous species of flora and fauna.

Safari and other attractions

The Al Ain Zoo boasts the world’s largest man-made safari. Stretching over 217 hectares of wide open spaces, you can enjoy the spectacular sights of over 400 African and Arabian animals as they roam fearlessly around you – lions, zebras, giraffe, oryx, springbok, eland, blesbok and more! The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is another must-visit place for its innovative use of technology to make learning interactive and has also been applauded as UAE’s first sustainable building. The Elzeba Petting Zoo features friendly camels and llamas besides regular farm animals. Little ones can enjoy a rollicking time at the Children’s Garden which comes with picnic spots, flower beds, vegetable patches, herb gardens and even a few majestic Baobab trees.

The Al Ain Zoo is a wonderful place to watch, learn, discover, relax and even feed a giraffe.