Akihabara is the Japanese version of electronics heaven – stylish gadgets, trendy home appliances, gaming devices and just about every accessory imaginable is available here.

The Electronics Town

Akihabara derives its name from an ancient shrine that used to be here before the town turned into the Electronics Town of Japan. This little area is so popular with tourists and locals, that on Sundays the main street, Chuo Dori, is pedestrianised.

Manga, maid cafes and more

Akihabara and its many by-lanes boast a mix of small shops as well as huge stores like the Yodobashi Camera, a massive 8-storey building with a glass and steel exterior, which retails anything electrical – from vacuum cleaners to gaming consoles.

Akihabara is also a place where one gets to see the otaku (diehard fan) culture on display – in fluorescent lights and neon signs too. The large advertisements featuring popular manga characters add to the dizzying displays here. And then, there are the maid cafes where hostesses dressed in maid uniforms or as manga characters serve customers.

There are hundreds of shops here at the Akihabara Denki Gai (Electronic Town) and if you look hard enough, you’ll walk away with duty free prices too!