Cape Town

Africa Nova

Africa Nova is a charismatic and high-end shop that is famed for its special blend of traditional art, craft, and contemporary design.

Renown through Innovation

In 1995, Africa Nova opened its first retail store in Cape Town. With the help of an extensive range of suppliers, they bring excellent African pieces to their customers. The popular store has been renowned for their innovative displays as well as for their unique combination of contemporary products and traditional artefacts.

In order to expose the most innovative and finely made pieces to the international audience, they aid with product development and collaborate with local craftspeople.

Traditional Pieces with Contemporary Accents

Africa Nova is a perfect destination to seek for unique pieces for travellers who are interested in traditional African handicrafts and contemporary design. You can expect to find a wide range of arts and crafts including ceramics, jewellery, textiles, accessories, tribal collection, fine art, sculpture, and contemporary craft. Interesting creations include an imaginative basket that is woven from plastic-coated telephone wires, and hooked rug handbags crafted from fabric off-cuts.

As they like to say, there isn’t a material too humble for transformation.