Cape Town

Africa Cafe

Africa Cafe is not just a name – the cafe truly captures the essence of the continent in its cuisine, decor and the inimitable atmosphere.

The first African restaurant

Africa Cafe is often celebrated as the city’s first pan-African Cafe that brings flavours from all across the land to create a memorable experience for its diners. From Cassava Bread to Mbatata Balls, from Moroccan Lamb Stew to Ethiopian Lab, the menu keeps the diners intrigued and coming back for more.

Distinctive Decor

There are seven dining rooms at Africa Cafe and each is distinctively decorated as a tribute to a nation on the continent or a cultural icon. The Moroccan Room showcases camels while in another a larger than life painting of a mountain gorilla dominates the landscape. Visitors often wander around taking photographs of the decor. The light fixtures are also handmade using recycled materials.

In all, Africa Cafe makes for a memorable experience that helps stamp the rich diversity of the continent in the hearts of all its diners.