Adrenalin Quarry

Once a working quarry, Adrenalin Quarry is now an adventure park featuring dozens of ways for visitors to conquer their fears.

Adventure to the Extreme

Adrenalin Quarry’s tagline is “Throwing People Off Cliffs Since 2009.” This succinct statement captures the essence of the Cornwall adventure park’s spirit. Adrenalin Quarry caters to the most extreme guests, those looking for a few screams and a whole lot of fun.

Push Your Limits

Along with the aforementioned cliff diving, Adrenalin Quarry offers dozens of wild ways for visitors to challenge themselves. Those who brave the zip wire reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. Then there’s the giant swing, which is basically bungee jumping on steroids–guests free-fall for a few seconds, then catch and swing 160 feet above the lake below.

One of the park’s most popular features is Coasteering–one person leaps onto an inflatable tube and flings a friend high into the air. And of course, there are also axe-throwing sessions. Individual visitors are welcome, but Adrenalin Quarry also hosts team building events and stag/bachelorette parties–there’s even a wedding venue!

Stay at home!

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