Academy Bookstore

Academy Bookstore is an iconic store, which offers popular literature in several languages, stationary equipment and pleasant atmosphere.

Academy Bookstore is another convenient store where you can find a wide range of various books, stationery, multimedia, and other equipment. Although it is owned now by Evro-Giunti publisher, the bookstore is still commonly known under its former name – Academy Bookstore.

The mood of the bookstore is very relaxing, and it isn’t uncommon to see a person or two actually reading a book in some corner. So, if you are unsure whether something interests you, know that it is quite an ordinary thing here to take a lengthy glimpse into a book and determine. Just don’t forget to keep track of time in the process.

You can find on the ground level books in Serbian and English languages, encyclopedic editions, popular and professional literature, etc. Especially interesting are various “manuals”, and one such gives you hints how to prepare delicacies of coffee. The stationery, decorative papers and bags and multimedia are located on the sub-level, which is “hidden” behind a ground level’s cash desk. Academy Bookstore operates every day from 09:00 to 22:00.

Photos from Academy Bookstore

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